Home Page

I designed, coded, and wrote copy for the home page. I also created the logo and brand identity. I designed this home page to let customers know what ConceptRx is and what it does in as quickly as possible. This meant clear and concise copywriting and limiting unnecessary or misleading text and imagery as much as possible.

ConceptRx started years ago, before I was involved, as a platform to help pharmacies manage their inventory. The service gained lots of initial interest from pharmacies. At the time it was cutting-edge. However, customer base quickly diminished due to a clunky interface and countless usability issues. This eventually spawned an idea to rebuild the company with a new identity and completely new web application.

I worked with a team to plan and implement these changes. I created the new logo and brand identity, and worked to architect the new app and it’s features. I even worked with our print designer on brochures and postcards.

The homepage is designed to be 100% responsive. Whenever possible, I try to do responsive development using a single HTML document whenever possible. This is as opposed to having a separate document that loads adaptively depending on the device being used to view. I find that this can make future updates more straightforward, makes the whole process cleaner, and causes the site to work well on intermediate screen sizes (such as when a desktop browser window is not at full size).

The next step was building the new web app. More about the App [here].

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