Painting By The Brush

Painting By The Brush offers online painting videos to show people how to create simple artwork. It is designed for anyone to have fun following along with the video to create their own painting.

The subscription model allows users to subscribe and get 1-3 videos per month or purchase videos individually.

  • Lead/Designed/Developed this project.
  • Worked with an illustrator and videographer.
  • Developed in Angular
  • Developed the back-end using PHP
  • Configured the hosting solution (AWS)
    • Uses AWS Elastic Beanstalk
    • AWS S3 to handle user-uploaded content and to serve the videos.
  • Generates custom composited image from user-uploaded content for sharing to facebook.
  • Integrates with Stripe’s API to process payments including recurring subscriptions.
  • Created custom video player to give painters features that are unique and make it easier for painters to paint along with the video.

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