The Lost Canvas – Painting Parties

  • Designed, developed, and wrote copy for the home page.
  • Created a web app for painters to follow from Facebook events page and reserve a seat for a painting party.
    • Allows painters to get a clearer view of upcoming events than what Facebook events page provides.
    • Aims to improve the attendance rate for those who have signed up by requiring painters to “reserve” a seat and receive a reservation ID. Average attendance rate for any event that does not require pre-payment is an average of 50%, which was about accurate in this case.
      • One requirement of the project is that the app will not accept pre-payments.
      • Prompts painters to cancel if they cannot attend.
      • Attendance percentage is now close to 70% on average.
    • Generates an image optimized for posting to Facebook events page at the correct size and with a styled background.
Web App (Angular)

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